Certified Automobile, Truck and Motorcycle Appraisals

FIA Provides the Most Thorough, Up-to-date and Accurate Evaluations Available

Whether the vehicle is restored classic, a fixer-upper hot-rod for a customization project, or your everyday ride, our highly skilled appraisers have the expertise and professional dedication to present you with a precise value on the car, truck or motorcycle in question. An FIA Certified Appraisal can provide you with the correct value figure on any car, truck or motorcycle—classic or late model.

The average person might associate an automotive appraisal with pricing a classic car that’s about to go on the market, but here are many occasions when a vehicle’s worth should be evaluated. Our services include:

  • Loan Institutions – Know how much can be lent based on actual value
  • Tax Information – Determine value to assess federal, state or local taxes—including estate and inheritance
  • Charitable Contributions – Substantiate value for the correct tax deduction
  • Marital/Business Disputes – Help assure an informed and equitable settlement
  • Pre-sale/Purchase – Know the fair-market value of a vehicle before making a transaction
  • Restoration – Assess whether a restoration project would be a worthwhile investment
  • Diminished Value – How much value was lost in an accident, even after repairs are complete
  • Total Loss/Insurance Appraisal – Know your vehicle’s actual worth for total-loss claims
  • Bankruptcy – Could the vehicle be claimed as a valuable asset?

Diminished Value and Total-Loss Appraisals

Diminished Value Appraisal

Diminished Value Appraisal

We can help you recover vehicle value loss from an accident.

When vehicles have been damaged and then repaired, it is often the case that the vehicle’s resale value will have been reduced—no matter how well the repairs were executed. This loss in worth is known as diminished value.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, you can be sure that our diminished value appraisals will provide you with an accurate evaluation of your loss enabling you to seek full remuneration for your damages.

Our certified appraisals are respected by all state and federal courts and accepted by insurance companies. You too, can completely trust the work of Florida Inspection Associates.

Total Loss/Insurance Appraisal

Total Loss/Insurance Appraisal

We can provide a certified auto appraisal to establish pre-loss value.

If your vehicle, car or light truck, SUV or motorcycle is ever determined to be a total loss, the insurance company may not always offer what you would consider fair-market value. You can protect yourself by getting an Actual Cash Value appraisal.

We will perform a visual inspection of your vehicle and calculate its current or historic market value. In conjunction with book values, we’ll base our evaluation on such factors as: current vehicle enhancements; the condition of the subject vehicle; mileage; and a market survey. Once everything has been considered, our certified appraisers will render a precise professional assessment as to the vehicle’s actual cash value.

Florida Inspection Associates can also help with the appraisal clause in your automobile insurance policy and we’ll participate in whatever capacity you request for the arbitration process.

Umpire Services

Umpire Services

Let us fairly judge between competing appraisals.

You may find yourself in a situation where you and another party have authorized competing auto appraisals that render values which are significantly far apart. Trained and certified by the Auto Mediation Association, appraisers at Florida Inspection Associates will be happy to step in and provide an honest, fair, and unbiased review of the competing appraisals.

After our thorough analysis of the reports—conducting any necessary research of findings—we will then work out a final decision that resolves the conflict.

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